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Turkey has become the favourite destination of european people in several years for sailing in general and this for many reasons: As Croatia has integrated in Europe, Turkey is the closest destination non-EU where the life is still not much expensive. We can find the greek ambience of the years 70, with a dynamic economy, a contrast between the ultra-modern ports and the remote villages that we find during the cruise. Before and after seasons are enjoyable with weathers quite hot. Turkish people are too much welcoming and have the best service mentality of all the mediterranian. The turkish side is also the best of the mediterranian with vast gulfs as Gökova and Hisarönü. The water is crystalline and exceed 20°C as of mid-May. If the weathers are high around 40° C, the meltem (North wind) for summer makes the cruises enjoyable for the cabotage. Turkey has not islands, you can discover those greek of Dodecanese. Kos, for exemple, is only 2 hours of navigation from Bodrum. On these islands, you find a rare and exceptional ambience as well. Moreover, an exceptional gastronomy on Mediterranian confluence, from the balkans kitchen and the effects of muslim culture and you have the perfect coctail for a successfull cruise that you are searching for a holiday on a low budget or a cruise of exception.


RHODES : By renting your gulet in Turkey, you can ask to embark in Rhodes for the reasons of flight plan or to make an itinerary exclusively in the Greek islands. Rhodes and its city of knights is a fairly quiet port because the noise of the city was arrested by the fortifications. Guests can enjoy the islands on the north of Rhodes that remain wild and chaining to Dodecanese including Symi which is not very far. Rhodes Airport has many direct lines from Europe and is only 20 minutes from the port.

KOS : Kos is further north than Rhodes, it is the port that the location is ideal to start a cruise in the Greek islands because the Meltem blows from the North. Small port near the airport, it is located next to the ancient citadel of the Knights. It is not too busy in the evening as the bars and restaurants are mostly after the fortress. There are many relics on the island to visit before boarding. From Kos, you are going to visit the south Dodecanese islands towards Rhodes in the season or the north Dodecanese islands towards Patmos out of season. A ferry connects Kos to Bodrum in 1 hour and 35 min (Jetfoil).

BODRUM: This is the historical port where occur the blue cruises founded by Cevat Şakir over the years 50. With the development of tourism in 70s, the city has become the most popular seaside city of Turkey. From Bodrum, we offer you a selection of 6 itineraries for one week.

MARMARIS :Coiled with a wonderful bay, Marmaris has been and remain the second city of the departure of « blue cruises ». Although the ambience is less « chic » than Bodrum, the old center is nice. There is no airport in Marmaris, so you must arrive to the Dalaman Airport (1 hour of transfer) or the one of Bodrum (2 hours of transfer). The ferries of Rhodes take 1 hour to arrive to Marmaris.

GÖCEK : On the south of Marmaris, a new marina complex de Göcek is located. Göcek and its small village is an ideal port to start a cruise if you want to avoid mass tourism and enjoy the charm of an authentic port. In addition, from Göcek the most beautiful bay of the Mediterranean is located: The bay of Fethiye. Having beautiful islands as Tersane and the protected sites as Ölüdeniz, is the most famous sailing area of all the Mediterranean.

FETHIYE : On the other side of this bay, lies the port of Fethiye which has not the charm of Göcek, far from it! There are more concrete, the ambience is more "massive" and the customers become more Anglo-Saxon. In general, we start from this port, for an archaeological cruise because many sites are already here. Then, to Olympos, the Lycian sites are legion (Pinara, Patara, Letoon, Myra, Kekova) that reflect the harmonization of Greek culture with local deities.

ANTALYA : Certainly the most beautiful port on the coast, situated at the foot of the old town and completely redone. But there is no more gulet in this small port. Indeed, in the West as in the East of the port, the coast does not have a bay for your anchorages and there is no Greek island around, so the navigation is less rich than elsewhere. However, you can embark from Antalya for a cruise of 2 weeks to go to Fethiye or Gocek or for your thematics cruise as the gulf cruise for the groups.

OTHER PORTS: All other ports may be a departure. The navigation area of turkish gulets is limited to the Dodecanese islands. There is no gulets available from Istanbul, Kusadasi may be the only, in the North, which can be the beginning of a cruise. On the south, after Antalya, the beaches are exclusively dedicated to the hotels club, this area is also not much recommended but possible.






FULL BOARD: The turkish kitchen is one of the best in the Mediterranean, all clients are satisfied and even excited about the menus we offer. It is therefore better to eat in our boats than in a cove restaurant taken at random. Add to that, our customers prefer to be in a wonderful anchorage rather than to be in a port and you will understand why the full board is required in Turkey.

HALF BOARD: However, you can opt for half-board, if you already know well the navigation area and if you are not too demanding in the kitchen level..

BEVERAGES: Benefits do not include drinks. On board, the water and tea of 5 hours are provided. The drinks are extra. 2 months before boarding, we send you a list of beverages and alcohol you choose. Your fueling liquids will be delivered prior to arrival.

TYPE OF MENU : BOARD TYPE: We offer two types of full boards: The standard full board (35 € / person / day) and full board comfort (50 € / person / day). The standard full board is already a good quality but if you insist on high-quality products (1/2 continental breakfast, products fresh, lobsters), full board comfort is required. Ask us menus when booking.