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GREECE, THE DESTINATION 2021! The restrictions on the Turkey area lead to a strong demand on Greece with gulets flying the Greek flag. They are not numerous, rather expensive, but safety and tranquility are the minimum if you expect a successful cruise. The Cyclades are always not recommended in high season unless you can rent 2 weeks because in case of immobilization for strong wind over 14 days your cruise will still be successful which is not the case for a week rental . This year many gulets will come from Turkey to work in Greece. Those "turkish gulets" operate from Corfou in Ionian Islands (M/S ECE ARINA, M/S LA REINE), in the Sporades islands (M/S KAPTAN KOSMAS, S/Y GLORIUS) or in the Cyclades (M/S VIRTUOSO). If you really want a larg choice of "Turkish gulets” which are cheaper than Greek motor-sailers, please have a look to our new selection for Dodecanese islands (boarding from KOS or RHODES). If not, you can see our new selection of motor-sailers from Athens (it is the same since many years !). Even in high season, when the wind is strong in the Cyclades Islands it is always possible to cruise in the Saronic islands. Note that our CA boat MICHELE is solde.


TOP 10 OF THE BEST GREEK ISLANDS FOR A SAILING CRUISE (from: www.sailingissues.com)

1 - SANTORIN (Cyclades Islands in MAY/JUNE for a 10 days cruise or more from Athens)

2 - AMORGOS (Cyclades Islands in MAY/JUNE for a 14 days cruise from Athens or 7 days from Paros)

3 - SIFNOS (Cyclades Islands in MAY/JUNE for a 14 days cruise from Athens or 7 days from Paros)

4 - SYMI (Dodecanese Islands, in JULY/AUGUST from Kos, Rhodes, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, 7days)

5 - KOS/NISYROS (Dodecanese Islands, in JULY/AUGUST from Kos, Rhodes, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, 7days)

6 - TINOS/ANDROS (Cyclades Islands in MAY/JUNE for a 7 days cruise from Athens)

7 - HYDRA (Saronic Gulf, in JULY/AUGUST for a 7 days cruise from Athens)

8 - ASTYPALIA (Dodecanese Islands, in MAY/JUNE/JULY for a 7 days from Kos or Bodrum)

9 - PATMOS/ARKI/AGATHONISI (Dodecanese Islands, in JULY/AUGUST from Kos,Léros,Samos or Kusadesi, 7 days)

10 - ITHAQUE (Ionian Islands, in JULY/AUGUST, from Lefkas or Corfou for an one way, 7 days)

CYCLADES ISLANDS:(4 islands in the top ! ) The Cyclades islands are revealed at the start of the Athenian port of Piré or further south from the marina Alimos. In one week, it is not possible to go to Santorini and return, the distance is too long. Therefore, the gulet cruises are generally to Paros. You can also ask to take your gulet directly in the Cyclades Islands to win two days of navigation (one day and one day go back), in this case, you ask (surcharge) to embark on Mykonos Island which is the further north. Indeed, as the wind is from the north, we try to pick up the north down to the south. So, there will be no boarding in Santorini. Athens and Mykonos are well served by traditional and low cost flights. If the wind is too strong from Athens to the Cyclades, you will remain in the Saronic islands.

DODECANESE ISLANDS (4 islands in the top !): This is the string of islands along the Turkish coast. The Turks had lost the Second World War, their coasts were truncated of their islands in favor of Greece. Although Kos, Rhodes and Symi are very close to the Turkish coast, they are the Greek islands. Unfortunately, these islands are too far from Athens so that they are within the range of boats being based there. That is why it is ultimately the Turkish gulets operate most in these islands. From the island of Kos or Rhodes, so you can charter a Turkish gulet for a lower budget but with additional shipping costs. We love the Dodecanese islands for the beauty of their ports (Symi), their culture (the fortifications of the Knights of Rhodes or Kos) for their nature with the volcano of Nisyros, and especially for their deserted islands of the mass tourism. There are direct airlines to Rhodes or Kos in normal flight, charter or low cost.

SARONIC ISLANDS: (1 island in the top) We call the Saronic islands, those in the Saronic Gulf; they are sheltered from the north wind, the "meltemi." Among them, there are Poros, Aegina, Hydra etc ... No need to go to the Cyclades to discover one of the finest ports of Greece, Hydra port. No need to expose yourself to strong winds while the navigation area is already a small cradle of civilization. From Saronic Gulf, you will pass in the Argolic Gulf (or Gulf of Nafplion) at the entrance of which Spetse island is located. It is also a Peloponnese Gulf protected from winds where you can enjoy water games.

IONIAN ISLANDS: (1 island in the top) We do not discover the Ionian islands from Athens because it must cross all the gulf of Corinth including the channel, which is too long and tedious. The shipments are usually held in Lefkas (Lefkada in Greek) having the closest airport, Aktion (PVK) airport, in Preveza. If you arrive in Athens anyway, know that it will be difficult to find internal flights, so you have to make a transfer of 380km. The Ionian Islands are wilder than the Cyclades islands and have more beautiful beaches. Your cruise will allow you to visit the islands of Kefalonia, Zakinthos or Ithaca (the birthplace of Ulysses), a wonderful journey thus sheltered from meltemi...

SPORADES ISLANDS: (0 island in the top): Unlike the Ionian Islands, we can get to Athens to embark in the Sporades islands because the transfer is not too long (2-3 hours, depending on traffic). The meltemi blows less strong than in the Cyclades (15 to 25 knots during the season) making it an ideal destination for a gulet cruise. Some boats embark directly from Sporades, but most gulets based in Athens will ask you a supplement if you want to start from the port of Agios Konstantinos or Kamena to visit these islands. Sporades are an archipelago of 12 islands, including the main 4 are inhabited: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. They are all covered with a dense vegetation, formed by mountains, with beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, charming monasteries and Venetian towers. Alonissos is, in addition, a protected marine park; it is less touristy as Skyros which is further away. By their luxuriant vegetation, the Sporades have a family resemblance to the Dodecanese; that is why we talk to these islands "Northern Sporades."

FROM ATHENS (Cyclades Islands & Saronic Gulf) [PDF]

FROM KOS or RHODES (Dodecanese Islands) [PDF]

FROM CORFOU (Ionian Islands) [PDF]

SAILING BOATS & CATAMARAN : If you do not find your taste gulet from Athens, we recommend you to charter a catamaran with a Lagoon 560 or L620 style, more marine and therefore more comfortable to make the Cyclades Islands with a strong wind. We made a short selection of the best of them.

PRICES: Usually the ships in Greece are provided excluding VAT and expenses. It is therefore necessary to add VAT to 12%, and fees which are in the range of 25-30% of the price included in a board fund called "APA" (Advance Provisioning Allowance). Note that the FUEL FOR ENGINES AND GENERATORS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE, in Turkey and in Croatia fuel is included for 4H/day.

PENSIONS : The food and drinks are included in general in the board fund (APA) which is made when booking.