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Due to the COVID 19, most 2021 cruises have been postponed in 2022, that's why many gulets have a booking already quite full. So If you want to book a boat please do your best to book as soon as possible and we will apply special conditions for the cancellation. Croatia is the second destination for a successful gulet cruise. We must say that we find on the Croatian coast that everyone is looking for a vacation. First, the Dalmatian coast has a string of close islands that allow to change island every day. Then, as of May, the temperatures exceed 25°C to 30°C during the season. It is recognized, moreover, that the Adriatic Sea has the cleanest water in the Mediterranean. Finally, its rich architectural heritage, from the roman empire and the venetian culture, is a delight for boaters wishing to combine navigation and cultural visits. However note that, as the croatian people is not a mediterranean people, their sense of hospitality and service is not as natural as elsewhere. But the tourism making its way, we can say that things work out considerably; however do not be too demanding. The choice of gulets in Croatia is not important unlike Turkey, which offers about 400. In Croatia, there are no more than 60 gulets and only a fifty worthy to be praised without surprises. This is not too much... this explains why, as of February most of the best gulets sold out in July and August. You have been warned, if you want to hire the best boats at the best price, this is very early that you should do it. For the month of May and September, you can book at last minute. The months of May and October are not the most popular because the weather and temperatures are far from being guaranteed. From Croatia, we can also visit Montenegro which is a rising destination in the Mediterranean. Some boats may also offer to take you in Italy, for example, in Venize but for only 2 weeks of sailing.


SPLIT : 85% of shipments are in Split, in Luka port, the main port of the city. Indeed, the gulet cruises in Croatia is relatively recent, which explains that the proposed navigation area is still quite limited. The Dalmatian islands between Split and Dubrovnik are the most beautiful with Hvar and Korcula, it is between these islands that cruises are proposed. In addition, Split airport is so convenient location in Europe with a lot of low-cost, it is the most practical port of embarkation. The city itself has an important cultural heritage from its Roman heritage, making it a perfect starting point for a cruise. From Split, 90% of cruises depart towards Duvrovnik for the islands, few are still those that go to Sibenik, although the navigation area has many attractions.

DUBROVNIK : Contrary to the belief of many customers, Dubrovnik is not a great port of departure for the gulet cruises. However, you can charter a gulet from Dubrovnik if a client, the previous week of your rental, rented the boat selected in one-way Split-Dubrovnik, the boat will be available at this port. Second, you do not embark directly from the old town whose port is only for ferries. You will board at the new port, "Gruz" port which is outside of the city, 15/20 minutes from the downtown. Despite this, the old town is so exceptional, it is a port of departure or arrival which remains charming. From Dubrovnik, you can go north to Split or go directly to Montenegro. Montenegro borders the city of Dubrovnik, which is why, you may ask to get there to visit the bay of Kotor.

TROGIR : This is the second port of departure for your cruises. Located just next to Split and further north, Trogir is the most beautiful port of embarkation in Croatia. Indeed, Trogir is a medieval jewel, surrounded by fortifications, which gives this city a suspended side in time. The port, which is just a dock, is very small making it a cozy place of embarkation. The dinner at Trogir is needed to enjoy this rare ambience. Trogir is closer to the airport Split than Split itself; it takes only 15-20 minutes to get to Trogir from this airport. From Trogir, the routes are the same as those available from Split.

SIBENIK : Although there are more registered gulets in Sibenik than in Dubrovnik, there are few shipments of this port which is less popular. Despite the mouth of the Krka river and its park, the city has less charm than Split and Trogir. However, the archipelago of islands stands before the port, the Sibenik archipelago, with the island of Zlarin or that Zirje. Zirje has beautiful beaches! An archipelago to discover for those who want to think outside the box. But it is mainly to visit the Kornati archipelago, beautiful natural reserve, a departure from this port is ideal.

ZADAR : Further north, there is the port of Zadar where we make no boarding. Indeed, there is no comfortable gulet on site. From Zadar, there are a dozen of large ships, such as mini-cruisers or large gulets, but only for groups. In front of the city, stretched many islands but have undoubtedly much less interest than the Sibenik archipelago. The islands become more rocky, the anchorages more difficult and the beaches rarer. Here, the nature takes its course with water that is becoming more pure and transparent as it rises to the north.

Itinérary Split-Split

Itinérary Split-Dubrovnik

Itinérary Split-Sibénik


FULL BOARD: Croatian cuisine, along the Dalmatian coast, is essentially Mediterranean. It includes a cuisine based on fish, olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables. The lamb, as in Greece, is the preferred meat. As in Italy, there are also several types of pasta that serve as accompaniment. Note that the meat is always too much cooked in Croatia. In summary, you'll have mediterranean meals quite pleasant.

HALF BOARD: Unlike Turkey, 1/2 pension is rather advised in Croatia. Indeed, in the ports, we eat pretty well, as in marinas if you can access to it. In addition, the villages of the islands are more pleasant in the evening there is less crowded, you can use this time for sightseeing. In short, the dinner ashore is essential, which is why the 1/2 pension is more chosen than in Turkey.

BEVERAGES: The benefits do not include beverages which are extra. When booking, so we offer "packs drinks" (with and without alcohol) that are needed to accompany your meal and your wine afternoons in water, soft drinks or beer.

SPECIAL DIETS : For low calorie diets, a Croatian chef is authorized to provide you with a quality service. In contrast, a cook is not authorized to offer kosher meals. So if you want kosher dining on board, it will cost you to buy and store the products yourself. Under your control, the cook carry your dishes.