The development of gulet outside Turkey is still relatively recent. Until the 2000s, it was not possible to see these boats spread across Meditarranee. Concerning the destinations outside of Europe, as of 2010 that the operating projects of "gulets" arised in the Caribbean, the Asia and the Indian Ocean. At first, the divers bought gulets in Turkey to exploit them in the Red Sea or the Maldives. Then, the quite isolated projects appeared for pure pleasure. Some Turkish gulets went to the Caribbean for the winter, but the convey cost did not allow to obtain large profits. We therefore support this year a French project, the only boat we propose in the Caribbean. In Maldives, several divers bought low cost gulets in Turkey. We have selected only one of them which arrived in 2012, which is more luxury. In Seychelles, a company operates several old ships but not gulet. Such a boat is arrived in 2011, but for a largely private usage and the lease has been forsaken. In Asia, in 2009, a magnificent luxury gulet M/S Queen of Andaman worked on the Thailand and Indonesia area. It was sold from Montenegro. Another luxury gulet is arrived, this is what we propose because it is led by a French captain very serious. Finally, few Turkish gulets with the adequate services are available for your winter vacation. That is why we are welcoming to the local traditional boats in Seychelles and in Indonesia. Here are the destinations that we were the most requested: