The booking procedure is indicated at the bottom of each page of gulet presentation.

There are 2 dimensions in booking a gulet or any other sailboat. The booking process from the point of view of the customer and the booking process from the point of view of our agency. The aim is to develop a safe and reliable contract which meets the requirements of contractors to limit the cancellations, the complaints and satisfy more than the requirements of our customers. As "information truth", in eight years of existence, our agency has faced only two cancellations and three formal complaints. And we hope, with the information that will follow, tend towards a zero defect.


TRANSPORTATION : Before any formal commitment, the tenant must be sure that they have made an option or booked flight tickets, train or other means of transportation enabling him to get the rental location, that is to say the port of embarkation.

SUBSTITUTION : It is not possible to substitute one boat to another after signing the contract, except in the case of a cancellation by the owner.

BOARDING & LANDING : The ports of embarkation and disembarkation are fixed by contract, it can not be changed in theory. However, if you booked early in the season and the boat is not rented the previous week and / or next week when you request a change, we can make a change in the contract (Addendum) to make possible this change. This contractual flexibility is a tolerance and not a right.

CONSTITUTION OF THE GROUP : The tenant rents a boat with a private or professional title, it is not necessary to set the exact number of participants when booking. However, the number of participants can not exceed the possible capacity of the reserved boat, the capacity recorded on the quote and contract.

ITINERARY : The itineraries on our site, for each destination, are offered as an example. It was at the request of payment that we set, together your own itinerary according to your demands and the proposals of your captain. The final itinerary is validated by the captain according to the weather conditions on the day of embarkation. The contract does not set an itinerary but a limit of navigation. As such, the itineraries can not be the subject to any formal complaint.

SERVICES : Board services are formally explained on your quote and your contract: number of crew members, water games, power of the engine and its annex, type of pension, and mentions of what is excluded.

PENSIONS : The menus are given by way of example and are subject to change based on available food at your location.


CONSULTING: It is our responsibility to offer the safest boats, better maintained, with the best crew and especially the more satisfying your requirements. However, you can choose the boat that suits you the most and ignore our advice, in this case, you take responsibility for the smooth running of your cruise. The suitability of a boat with a group is assessed by our agency based on your profiling, by the feedback experiences that we have and our continual monitoring in the field, particularly concerning the profiles of captains and crews. Never forget that you will spend a week or more (s) on a boat with crew and its quality will be almost as much as important that the quality of the boat. We estimate that 60% of the satisfaction is from the quality of the boat and 40% is from the quality of the crew. The most beautiful boats are not the best when you rent with crew.

QUOTE : When the choice of a boat is made, we will send you a quote containing all the exchanged information and those which will then be mentioned on your contract. Upon receipt of your quote, you can ask a valid option generally seven days. By returning the signed quotation, you confirm your reservation still without booking. This gives you the time to read the contract. HOWEVER THE ONLY SIGNATURE OF THE QUOTE DOES NOT APPLY THE BOOKING

CONFIRMATION : In the period of the option, you must return the contract of the lease as signed and initialed. The book is called "farm" when we received the deposit of your rental. Also, we ask the payment of the deposit at the same time of the signing of the contract to avoid the difficulties.

CONTRACT : The proposed contract is not specific to our agency, we offer a contract MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association), which is the standard contract in the field of yachting and remains the best lease contract of the possible boat.

TRANSLATION : With regard to the french law, the contract is in english, you can ask us for an official translation in french, but the one signed will remain in english.

DISTANCE SELLING : We inform our customers that we tacitly agree, when signing the contract, this one may be exchanged by e-mail even if it is not explicitly stated in the contract.

DISPUTE : In case of dispute, the contract provides by default an arbitration in London in accordance with English law, we inform you that you can ask to change the place of arbitration and choose Paris to value your rights in France. No further changes can be made on this contract.

IMMOBILISATION : The repayment in case of immobilisation for the failure of the ship starts after 12h following the incident. So, the captain must repair within that period.

CANCELLATION : The MYBA contract does not provide a reimbursement in case of the cancellation by the tenant. Whereas, It provides a reimbursement in case of cancellation by the owner. See the insurance rubric below.


CONSULTING: As a boat renter, statutorily we have a ban to offer you the insurances. Indeed, we are not insurer and we do not have the status of travel agency that can combine the services in France. However, as part of our commitment of consulting, we provide you all the information needed to make a secure tenancy for you.

TRAVEL INSURANCE : The lease contract of boat proposed does not provide a travel insurance and a repatriation. This can be contracted by buying your tickets by credit card or by asking your insurer a covering.

CANCELLATION INSURANCE "CRUISE" : Some credit cards offers the insurance for "cruise cancellation." This insurance applies only for the book of a cabin cruise and can not run for renting an exclusive vessel (charter).

CANCELLATION INSURANCE "BOAT CHARTER" : You do not have any cancellation insurance with your charter contract. In addition, no credit card of any network, with any quality, does not offer cancellation insurance "boat rental". We advise you to take a cancellation insurance from a marine insurer. You can ask us for a list of insurers that can provide you the best insurance.

CIVIL LIABILITY : You have an insurance of civil liability with your home insurance which is limited to your country of residence. To extend this liability abroad in Europe or outside Europe, make sure that you have a credit card that includes this insurance (Visa Premier for example). Otherwise, please make the request from your insurer.

CHARTER INSURANCE : On board, you will be covered by the insurance of the ship. In the event of a serious incident, this is your travel insurance and repatriation that will allow you to heal yourself in your country if you wish.

WATERTOYS INSURANCE : The beach engines such as jet-skis, surfboards, canoes, belonging to the vessel, it is its insurance that covers them.

OUTBOARD INSURANCE : When you leave the boat, it's your travel insurance that engages for you and your civil liability extended abroad to another insurance.