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Italy remains the third destination for a successful gulet cruise but there only few gulets available in this area. Here, the gulets is a way of life completely compatible with its origins. Indeed, if the gulets are built in Turkey, they are very similar, in their design to the art of Italian living. The gulet is simply the boat that embodies all that the Mediterranean can give better. Here we find both low cost gulets, especially from Sicily, and really luxurious. Unlike Greece, the area is not windy in season and the sea is calm enough. As in Turkey, the temperatures can reach 40°C in season in Sicily. This is why it is better to go to the islands to escape the heat of the continent. There are in fact three main navigation areas in Italy. First, the Aeolian Islands of Sicily. Then the Amalfi Coast from Naples. Finally, Sardinia and eventually the southern Corsica. An overview of these areas can be found below.


AEOLIAN ISLANDS (& Egadi Islands): It is the top destination in Italy. From Milazzo in Sicily or directly from the island of Lipari, you can visit the 7 islands of the archipelago. Sicily itself has only few attractions for the pleasure that is why these islands are also the refuge of the Sicilians. There are also the Egadi Islands (Levanzo, Favignana and Marettimo) but they are much less popular. Add to that the volcanic activity of Stromboli and you have a beautiful setting for a cruise of one week. To get your boarding in Milazzo, you can either arrive at the airport of Catania in Sicily, or in Palermo which is a little further away.

AMALFI COAST (& Pontine Islands): At the end of the gulf of Naples are emerging three islands that are Capri, Ischia & Procida. On the south of this gulf, you go in Salerno and follow along the famous Amalfi Coast with its wonderful ports (Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, etc). In the North of this gulf, you will navigate towards Rome through the six Pontine Islands (Ponza, Ventotene and Santo Stefano which are natural reserves). The classic cruise from Naples connects the visit of the Amalfi Coast to Capri and Ischia. If the myth of "Capri" has not yet fallen, the island of Ischia is a popular destination for yachting.

SARDINIA: Destination little demanded by the French people who prefer mostly Corsica. However, Corsica has no small archipelago as magnificent as La Maddalena which is more a natural park with seven islands covered with pines and which is further north is not so far from Lavezzi in Corsica. Here, the seabeds are exceptionals and not too deeps and the beaches are sumptuous. It is a naturel reserve that looks like a small paradise where Garibaldi remains in peace. Please note, only one or two boats are available on this navigation area.



SARDINIA Itinerary

PENSIONS: Working directly with the captains of the gulets in Italy, we adapt ourself to the pension packages offered by each boat. Other gulets, handled by agencies, require the establishment of a fund board (APA) to 25% of the rental price.

BEVERAGES: Either you have established a case of edge (APA), in this case, the drinks are purchased on this fund. Either you have opted for a full pension without beverage, in this case, the drinks are to be paid extra.

PRICES: The ships in Italy are usually offered with a VAT included but excluding expenses. VAT is currently at 6.6% for a boat <24m and 8.8% for a boat> 24m. The fees vary according to the contract used. Please see the brochure of each boat.

CRUISE: The boats are bookable only by week (7 or 14 days). However, it may happen that for early season a captain accepts a rental of 10 days..